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Who We Are?

Established in 2016, Elite Biz is a digital company that focus on creative, and result-driven business solutions.
Our team is committed to developing website and providing the platform with unique features that attract your target customers.

To bring unique ideas and creative business solutions to our clients.
We provide digital solutions to the client at a fast speed at a reasonable price. We are committed to bring a creative and attractive professional website to tailor all of your business needs.
Our Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority


Attractiveness is on the top of our team’s responsibility. We don’t just to create a simple website but stunning and attractive one to the eyes of our clients’ customers. Our template is customizable at any time the client wish to change.

For initial procedure of website development, purchasing of domain name and hosting are required. No worry about this. We have extensive network of partners who supply hosting and domain name services both local and international market. If you wish to run your owned servers, we also can find a right partner for you too. You bring your problems to us, we will bring you solutions.

We specialize in managing Facebook Page and other social media platforms as we have been managing them for nearly ten years. We have understood all essential tools and could recommend the effective tools and campaigns for clients to grow businesses.

Our client can approach us anytime once they encounter any problem. Bringing the solution to client is the top of our customer satisfaction rule.

Counting from small and medium enterprise’s website, e-commerce and corporate websites are also in our expertise. We offer and complete the service for our clients at a precise time manner and schedule.

Mobile is the most popular device that every business should think about. There are more than 20 million subscribers and more than 5 million active internet users in Cambodia. There are a huge market for your products and service. We can create and customize applications running both on iOS and Android at your preferences

In order to help measure and track the performance of your website, we are able to create the account on Google Analytics. You will be able to keep the track of who read your website and where they are from. It will be helpful to managing and measure your market campaign success.

We have a photography team who are able to provide with any kind of photo supplies for your marketing and promotional campaign. Our chief of photography is an American-Cambodian who have more than 7-year experiences in photography in The United States of America.

We not only develop the website but also propose and produce the content for the website too. With nearly ten years experiences in digital media and content creation, we can ensure that you will satisfy what we write about your products and services.

Digital marketing campaign has become a popular tool for almost every kind of businesses. We have understood the market in Cambodia very well in term of SEO campaign for every sector. We can come up with effective keywords that could directly and indirectly bring traffic to your website.

We have a strong team who are very creative in coming up with design works. We have provided our outstanding services to many creditworthy clients such as Smart, Opennet, BizKhmer, Chhlat, and so on.

If you don’t require an IT guy to standby at your office, please contact for any maintenance on computers and software at your company. We can also provide solutions from the distance.


  • Intersys Solutions


  • Rohas News


  • Chhlat


  • Cambo Gadget

    Maintenance, E-Commerce

  • Khmer Concept

    Maintenance, E-Commerce

  • Moood Lighting

    Maintenance, SEO

  • BizKhmer

    Branding, Maintenance, SEO

  • Opennet Cambodia

    Maintenance, SEO

  • Cambo Products

    Maintenance, SEO

  • Emmanuel School

    Maintenance, SEO

  • Click IT Store

    Maintenance, SEO


We would like to thank our partners as shown below for choosing us as their partners to build their brand image and grow their business.

  • We, at BizKhmer & Chhlat, were very delighted to be a partner with Elite Biz. The template and tools that you have built for us are awesome. It doesn’t only impress me but also my readers and they mentioned that our websites are very convenient for them to access from many kinds of devices. I would like to recommend this company will tailor your need and your business’s requirements. Thank you!

    YORN Sophearith, Managing Director and GM of BizKhmer & Chhlat
  • As one of the leading internet providers in Cambodia, we, Opennet, would like to say thanks for providing us a stunning and awesome website to grow our business. We believe that without the modern platform that you have built for us, we wouldn’t be able to reach to our customers as many as possible.

    Website Owner Opennet Cambodia
  • CamboProducts is a newly established website which aims at promoting domestic products locally and internationally. Our website was completely designed and developed by Elite Biz. We, a new platform, which can be considered as a semi-e-commerce website, reaching to Cambodian small and medium enterprises.

    Website Owner Cambo Products

If you have any inquiry, please contact us anytime at 012 666 104/015 224 299 or email to gm@elitebiz.biz.